Welcome to the Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course for Saskatchewan

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Before starting the course

Before you start the course, please review important course information on Saskatchewan.ca at Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course Landing Page at Saskatchewan.ca.

Using a smartphone to take the course

Please be aware that if you try to take the course on your smartphone, all of the content may not be compatible. While the course may work on some smartphones, we recommend using a tablet, desktop or laptop computer for best results.

Email account

You will need a working and valid email address to create your course account. Make sure your email address is entered correctly into the account setup page. You will not receive your confirmation email or be able to change your password if your email address is invalid or incorrectly entered.

To create a personal email account, search online for many free email services available and follow the directions of each email service provider.

Email confirmation

After you submit your account information, you will receive a confirmation email. You must click on the blue hyperlink in the confirmation email to use the course.

Please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.

Technical trouble

If you don’t receive a confirmation email or have a question about the course, email us at ywrcc@gov.sk.ca including your first and last name, the email address you used with a brief description of the problem. Don’t forget to check your junk mail or other folders first. Some providers may send confirmations to different places.

Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you email us on Saturday, Sunday or a government holiday, we will get back to you on the next business day. For a list of Government of Saskatchewan holidays, please go to: https://www.saskatchewan.ca/business/employment-standards/public-statutory-holidays/list-of-saskatchewan-public-holidays

Firewalls/email settings

Teachers should ask their network administrator to "whitelist” these email and web addresses to ensure students can receive their confirmation emails and access the course:


Make sure your computer’s cookies are enabled and their security settings set to “medium”.

Access to YouTube

The course uses videos stored on YouTube. Please make sure your school has permission to use YouTube.

Accessing the course

Click on Go To Course at the bottom of this page. Then select New User to set up a course account and follow the directions or Sign In to return your account dashboard. Once you are in your Dashboard, select Courses to choose Module 1, 2 or 3 depending on where you are in the course. If you selected the Resume option you will go back in the course to where you last left off.

To begin, select the version of the course best suited for the speed of your internet connection.

The High Speed (animated) Version works best with fast internet connections. The Low Speed (non-animated) Version is designed for slower internet connections.

Both versions provide the same content.

Challenging the tests

We strongly recommend students take each module before taking the tests. You must pass all three tests to get your YWRCC Certificate of Completion. You must take the three tests in order of 1 (Understanding the World of Work), 2 (Workplace Health and Safety) and 3 (Rules for Fairness at Work) and pass the three tests with a mark of 75% or higher. You final mark will be based on the average of the last two tests.

Browser software

To complete the course, you will need a computer with an up-to-date operating system and:

  • A current internet browser that supports HTML5. You can download one by clicking on the icons below. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari
    • Apple Safari
  • Acrobat Reader to read and print your Certificate of Completion (download by clicking this link). Adobe Flash

Safari cookies

If you are using Safari, make sure your browser is set to “allow cookies”. If you need directions on how to enable cookies, please click here.


  • Audio volume controls
    The YWRCC uses audio narration. You should use headphones or earbuds if you are taking the course in a classroom or library.
    You can control the volume of the course narration with the volume controls on your computer or tablet.

    If you cannot use the course’s audio, you can still complete the course by reading the text on each slide.

  • Tablets
    Make sure you are using a tablet that is up-to-date and supports HTML5.

  • Smartphones are not recommended
    We do not recommend taking the course on a smartphone.

  • Printers
    Save your Certificate of Completion as a PDF and keep it in a safe place so that it can be printed anywhere you have access to a printer.

  • Your account is open for 1,095 days

    After your account expires if you wish to set up a new account with the previously used name and email address, please email the course administrator at ywrcc@gov.sk.ca to have your expired account deleted.