Welcome to the Young Worker
Readiness Certificate Course

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Before starting the course

Before you start the online or paper and pencil version of the Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC), please review the information on the Take the Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course webpage.

Required technology

Firewalls/email security settings

If you are taking the course at school, you may need to ask your IT/Administrator to add this site to your “safe” list in order to sign-up and access the YWRCC website.



To complete the course, you will need a computer with the latest versions of:


Safari Users



High and Low Bandwidth Versions of the Course

Your YWRCC account will expire after 120 days, at which time you need to contact support at ywrcc@gov.sk.ca to remove your old account to create a new account.

The high bandwidth course has audio and animation. It is the recommended version. Use the high bandwidth version if you have a high-speed internet connection.

The low-bandwidth course has audio, but no animation. Use the low bandwidth version for slower internet connections.

If you have technical trouble during the course, use the “About this Course” and “Help” features in the course’s menu bar to get help.